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Mitty's big adventure in Boston

Side of a U-Haul truck with Mitt Romney on it

Adam Castiglioni reports his neighbor rented a U-Haul that promised Boston excitement on the side. Take a close look at the customer on an adventure on the left. Can't keep him away, we guess.

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A dog was moved on the UHaul roof.

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And the dog's name is Storrow.

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I wonder if it can accommodate a U-Haul truck.

Funny story I was visiting a friend in San Diego a couple of years ago and we wound up in La Jolla. I insisted on visiting the car elevator house (which basically looks like the rest of La Jolla). I took a photo and sent it to a friend, view of the ocean at the end of the street, random driveway and said "where is this, be specific, you've heard of the owner of this house." It took him a few tries until his response was something like "OH MITTENS CAR ELEVATOR!"

Remember when he ran for president in 2012, and then lost and then stiffed his whole campaign staff like they worked at a factory he'd taken over and shipped overseas? Simpler times.

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so he keeps uhaul on a retainer

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They serve his favorite meat, hot dog. Where is it? Somewhere around Allston?

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The Mitt photo was taken at the actual UHaul on Rt. 16/Boston Ave on the Somerville/Medford border. Kinda nice to see they used an actual photo of local place.

Unrelated: Anyone know what factory used to be in that building now used as the UHaul?

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I have some very dim recollection that I read once in an inventory of the historical resources along the rail corridor when the GLX was being proposed as going that far that the U-Haul building had been a box factory once upon a time. No word if the kids from Springfield Elementary ever took a field trip there.

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Nice Simpsons reference.

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There has to be a reason why that pic is used. I'd like to think Mitt.. or his staffers, wouldn't like a sitting senator in what is basically an ad for Uhaul. Typically politicians do not do commercial spots in office. So I tend to think this was an oversight by someone. (or a sly graphics designer)

But who's the girl tho. Mitt only has son's. Maybe a granddaughter moving to college?

Still funny to see.

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I don't think most people would make the connection with who it is. I wonder if the picture was categorized with a "MA/Boston" tag in some Uhaul media database and the graphic designer just thought it looked like a stereotypical "suburban dad moves daughter" and was fitting with the brand.

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Maybe unlikely, but it could be that encountering Mitt Romney at a U-Haul place was that woman's adventure.

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of Romney Mitty?

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