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Citizen complaint of the day: Art or not art in Jamaica Plain?

Nice framing on trash on Day Street in Jamaica Plain

A concerned citizen filed a 311 report on this impromptu exhibit on Day Street in Jamaica Plain yesterday. Alas for folks intrigued by its statement on life in a pandemic, with its subtle reference to the Spanish Flu of a century ago, the city has marked this "Resolved: All Set," although one supposes you could now create an NFT linked to the image and make millions.

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Hot Fart

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Who cleaned up an art display because he thought it was an overflowing trash barrel, because it was an overflowing trash barrel..
One persons art is anothers trash.

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is actually the title of the piece, a work of conceptual art jointly developed by the sidewalk non-artist, the concerned citizen, and Boston 311.

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One person's art, is another person's citizen complaint.

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That would make a fine computer wallpaper. It's unintentional art.

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