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City Budget Office solicits opinions and holds public listening sessions for the FY2023 budget

For the past week, the city of Boston's budgeting office has been holding listening sessions to introduce people to a new, more open, budget discussion process. In addition, the city is soliciting for a variety of voices to be heard through a public survey (available at the link) on how they'd like to see the city spend its money on a number of topics.

The Mayor and the City Council are attempting to bring the budget to the public to be sure it's addressing what residents feel the needs are and demystify the process more.

There is an online session for Districts 2, 7, and 9 today at 6 PM and a final online session for any city residents to attend on Friday, the 25th, at 10 AM. Registration for the sessions is at the link above along with a link to the survey. The survey can be taken at any time.


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If you can't make the sessions, they taped one and posted it on Youtube.

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And BPS is what we get?!

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Get involved.

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Because he’ll never set foot in a BPS. Not my problem and clearly a problem that is unsolvable, but keep throwing money into the fire.

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I have to believe that such an attitude has contributed to where we are today.

It's certainly not my problem, I have no children, nor do I currently reside within the City of Boston, so I do not vote for those who make the decisions impacting BPS, but I'd like to think that we can solve hard problems if we want to.

There are few long-term experiences more valuable than a solid education, which should be life long in one way or another. So, why don't we fix the problems with BPS? If we could put a couple of guys on the surface of the moon in 1969 and bring them home safely, surely we can figure this problem out.

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