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Herald no longer able to cover what once would have been a big Boston story

John Carroll notes that while both papers with "Boston" in their name had stories yesterday about the Isabella Stewart Gardner heist (no, the paintings haven't been recovered), the Globe's was actually written by somebody on staff (grizzled veteran organized-crime reporter Shelley Murphy) while the Herald's story was outsourced from the Hartford Courant.

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Was Howie Carr not available; or is local organized crime beneath him since he became a big supporter/reporter for the DJT crew out of New York?

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Remember a few weeks back when there was news of an MS-13 member getting life in prison for 2 murders? Well, the columnist from the now Lowell based paper wrote a column on the topic where he noted that the Globe had written an article on the gangbanger basically saying that this kid was not a gangster but was only getting caught up in Trump's irrational desire to crack down on MS-13, a group that is no threat to the general public (which we can infer meant Globe readers, wink, wink.)

Long story short, it's good to live in a 2 newspaper town, even if one of the papers gets its Connecticut reporting (Adam leaves out that most of the story takes place in the Nutmeg State) from Connecticut reporters.

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Sorry, he may make some factually correct statements in that article, but it's such a cesspool of rank racism that it's hard to accept its existence as a net positive.

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And I appreciate that you took the time to read the article (unlike the commenter below this.) There are a few times when Carr actually writes a good article. Then there are the other times.

Bottom line- not only is the Herald still covering Boston stories, they are occasionally reporting things that the Globe somehow misses. Again, the joys of living in a 2 newspaper town. Globe readers need the Herald more than they would like to admit. If only the Herald had better ownership.

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I had the unfortunate experience of having to read through that written garbage.

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Or are you saying that an article that notes the hypocrisy of the Boring Broadsheet is some kind of word vomit. The reality is that when he wants to, Carr can write well.

As I try to note, but not too often as to not be too annoying, I appreciate that Adam in 2022 has he same take on MS-13 that he did in 2015, and the same take prevailed on this website when a well hated politician (locally) occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The same cannot be said from other media.

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Here are just a few fun choice quotes from this wonderful piece:

"Liberalism is a mental disorder"

"pablum-puking moonbats"

"Democrats on Beacon Hill were slobbering about how wonderful illegals are"

Keeps attempting to equate this with the driver license bill, even though neither have particularly anything to do with each other, and the driver license bill is grounded

"Third World savage"

Those damn savages from south of the border invading! More race baiting.

"Under Obama, MS-13 gangbangers like Perverso were lovingly called “unaccompanied minors.”"

Generally kids/minors are called this, yes. Congrats Captain Obvious.

"It was all part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, which is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams, which are our wildest nightmares."

Hey, more baiting that the evil Latino/Hispanics are ruining the country! And Obama is behind it!!

"The immigration judge, one Mario Sturla, an Obama holdover from Brown University"

Nice political jab at a judge.

"he and his fellow illegal aliens had murdered their second victim"

There are plenty of native US citizens who are in MS13.

"The judge had been hoodwinked, just like the Globe."

OK, so he admits that a judge also got it wrong? Thank you, captain hindsight!

"the hordes of Third World criminals swarming across the border will say — this case is merely an “anecdote." "

This is the definition of anecdote and goes against pretty much all of the actual data there is on undocumented immigrants. More race baiting.

"Nothing to see here, amigos, move along."

Haha, so, funny, one last shot at fearmongering over people from south of the border who speak Spanish.

" Who do you suppose is going to pay for the cost of raising Perverso’s anchor baby"

And ends at in pure garbage of attacking a baby who has basically no fault in any of this - the same baby that is a natural US citizen.

So, yeah - the Globe article was shit and MS13 along with many other gangs are a real problem and dangerous. As Scratchie said, so what if he make the obvious point that the Globe messed up given the sea of garbage in the rest of the article. Utter moronic drivel.

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What a vile pile of word soup vomit. Insane that people would read that and take Howie seriously.

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Seems all that botox and plumper has softened what brain he had.

All that is left is racism and ego.

He confuses "making libs mad" with "making madlibs" and just changing around the racism, sexism, cronyism, and bullshit to vaguely stay on topic.

He could probably use his Artificial Stupidity System to write his columns anymore.

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Howie will always have a soft spot in his head- err... heart - for local organized crime.
However, he has never quite recovered from the ignominious irony of Whitey Bulger finally being caught and Howie being away and not on the air that day.
In any event, it's not that the Herald missed the story. They got the story, but Howie wrote a crummy book about it that night - it's under embargo until the cheap ink dries - err... 'til it gets published Thursday and Howie writes the book review for the paper.

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I don't think I've heard the words "The Herald" in years at this point.

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Wish that tabloid would die already.

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Not that I align with The Herald's editorial slant, having two papers in town helps everyone. They haven't always been just about Wingo; there was a time when they regularly broke actual news.

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A two paper town is best. It helps to create a balance. A one paper town will lead to complacency. Unfortunately, the Herald is currently a shell of its former self. It may be a tabloid but it used to be good to at local news and would give the Globe some competitive competition. Sadly, its future does not look good. When it is officially gone it will be a sad day for Boston journalism.

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It is located in Braintree's high rent district near the rotary, the MBTA station, the town dump and the abandoned motel and restaurant.

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is Boston Globe code for "Slow news day. Let's dust off that tired old robbery case from 31 years ago, even though most of the "suspects" are now dead."

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that the Boston Herald had an out of town journalist write their article about this story? And what the purveyor of this here website appears to consider to be "a big Boston story"?

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