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State Trooper dies in her cruiser when hit by tanker truck on I-93 in Stoneham


State Police report the death of Trooper Tamar Bucci shortly before midnight on the northbound side of I-93 in Stoneham.

State Police say Bucci was pulling to the side of the road to help a motorist in a disabled car when the driver of a gasoline tanker hit her cruiser.

The force of the impact pushed her cruiser, a marked Ford Interceptor SUV with its emergency blue lights activated, off the road.
Two civilian Good Samaritans pulled Trooper Bucci from the heavily damaged cruiser and a Stoneham Police Officer who came upon the scene performed emergency first aid, including CPR, until EMS arrived and transported her to Massachusetts General Hospital.

The tanker driver, not injured, is cooperating with the investigation.

Bucci joined the State Police in 2020.


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RIP Trooper Bucci

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For cops and tow trucks stopped on the shoulder. This is a leading cause of death for both cops and tow truck drivers.

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I don't think that applies to this situation. It sounds like she was still driving on the travel lane when the crash happened. "Move over" protects cops who are on foot.

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Wrong she was stopped helping a disabled motorist. Either way you’re supposed to move over regardless if an emergency vehicle is stopped or traveling.

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A lot of these deaths occur while the driver is slowing in the right lane or stopped on the shoulder but still in the car. Crashes involving a slowing or stopped car are more deadly than those involving vehicles traveling at similar speeds.

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Sad… more and more Tractor trailers are running off the roads lately on Massachusetts roadways endangering the public. Just last week a postal truck hit a barrier and landed in the water. another truck tips over in the O’Neil tunnel months ago .

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It helps whatever lane they are in- see the lights or a disabled car, give them space. I can’t count how many times I have done this, only to have cars pass me in the space I tried to give.

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Wrong. It has nothing to do with being on foot.It has to do with approaching certain emergency response vehicles with flashing lights. Not just cops and the law says nothing about them being on foot.

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