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Some ruffled feathers at Millennium Park

Ruffled feathers on an eagle bird

Mary Ellen spotted this wind-tossed eagle at Millennium Park in West Roxbury today. She says she spotted three in total: Two adults and one young'un, still mostly brown, and carrying a stick in his or her beak down by the boat launch.


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How do you get to Millennium Park on the T?
Considering it was once landfill it sounds and looks like a nice place for a long walk.
So much nature on exhibit in an ex-landfill is simply amazing.

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Take the orange line or Needham line commuter rail to Forest Hills, then catch the 36 bus. Millennium is the end of the line.

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That's an easy trip for me. I use Forest Hills almost everyday.

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Is the 36 Bus free too?

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Make sure you get on one that says "Millennium Park" - some end up at the VA Hospital, which is down the parkway a bit from the park.

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