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41-unit apartment complex proposed for Comm. Ave. hillock in Brighton

Rendering of proposed 1789 Commonwealth Ave. complex

Bird-enriched rendering by Embarc.

City Realty has filed plans for the BPDA for a gut renovation of an existing three-family building and construction of a five-story building behind it on a small hill at 1789 Commonwealth Ave. between Wallingford and Chiswick roads in Brighton.

When done, the $13-million project on a roughly half acre lot would have 41 apartments - and a 17-space garage - the company says. Six of the units would have three bedrooms.

As part of this Project, and in deference to the Aberdeen Architectural Conservation Commission,the existing residential building will be renovated and restored, and a new five-story addition will be erected at the rear. As a result of this proposal, new residential units will be created while the existing structure will be preserved and returned to its previous condition. The Proposed Project will fit the character of the neighborhood and will uniquely blend the history of the existing structure with the more modernly designed addition in the rear, which is consistent in size and use with many of the surrounding structures in this neighborhood, while also providin gneeded housing units for the community.

City Realty hopes to begin roughly 18 months of construction this fall.

1789 Commonwealth Ave. filings and calendar.

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Great location, 50 feet from one green line and 1/4 mile to two other green lines. Reeeeally hope it doesn’t get rejected for insufficient parking.

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Sadly the carcissists always make it about them, god forbid people in a city you can walk with relative ease don’t choose to own cars.

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They really will go out of their way to make anything historic. It's a generic 2 family that's been beat up by BC kids for decades. Why not let it go?

This project could have had twice as many units if it didn't have to keep that house.

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Its been a BC party house forever and was beat to shit when I was in it as a party goer back in 1999. They could put so much more density on the site if that house could be obliterated.

Why are we locking the city in amber when we have a housing crisis. That house is not impressive......unless people want to relive memories of throwing up cheap beer at sweaty BC parties

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The two story house looks good from the outside. How did BC students change the interior? Did they turn everything but the Living rooms, parlors and bathrooms into dorm rooms? How many students did it hold?

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Why does there need to be an Aberdeen Architectural Conservation Commission? This area looks just like the rest of Brighton and northern Brookline, including places without conservation restrictions.

I don't see anything particularly special about 1789 Comm Ave that requires it to be preserved in perpetuity, rather than just building a nice-looking larger building with more apartments on the whole site.

I suspect the reason for this district isn't its unique history and character. Rather, it's the efforts of some noisy politically-connected residents at some point in the past, and once the restrictions are in place, there's no way to change or get rid of them.

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but there is not enough parking.

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There is literally never enough parking.

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No good comes from City Realty.

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But you've never actually substantiated it. They're a developer like any other.
For the record I consider most developers neutral actors, not good or bad. The zoning, ZBA, community review, and other processes are what dictate what developers do to a large degree.

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