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Two women report sexual attacks on and near Comm. Ave. in Allston

Two Allston suspects

Surveillance photos via BPD.

Boston Police report they are investigating two sexual attacks in Allston on Tuesday - one at Commonwealth Avenue and Spofford Street, the other on Glenville Avenue nearby.

Police report a woman walking on Commonwealth Avenue near Spofford around 8:15 p.m. was indecently assaulted by a black man, wearing a black baseball cap, dark colored jacket, dark washed jeans, and dark sneakers with white soles, who then ran outbound on Comm. Ave.

In a separate incident, police say, a woman was indecently assaulted on Glenville Avenue, by a black man, 30-45, wearing glasses, a face mask and a dark jacket. That man ran toward Harvard Avenue. Police did not give a time for this incident.



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Sketchy people are 100% still wearing masks only to hide their faces.

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hard to find. I do not recognize him, but if police scrutinize the potentially mischievous gatherings around 7Eleven on Harvard ave they might find someone who knows someone.

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