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There's slap dash and then there's Medford Street in Charlestown

Crooked Charlestown street

A roving UHub photographer snapped Charlestown's Medford Street, which, despite being about as straight a street as you could find in Boston, is currently decorated with the waviest yellow lines this side of an acid trip.

He adds that should you find your way up there, stop by Jenny's Pizza (which, via Karson Trager, actually posted a photo of the wavering line yesterday).

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Situation normal for Medford Street. Move along.

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Does the double yellow line signify anything?

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By anon on Thu, 04/14/2022 - 10:02pm.
Does the double yellow line signify anything?

Depends on the line operators state of mind. If he/she was high he/she might have thought he was going back to make the line straighter.
If he/she was not high Two solid yellow lines prohibit vehicles from crossing them to pass another vehicle

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Looks like the guy driving the line-painting truck stopped for a three martooni lunch first.

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One person to paint the line, ten to watch.

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