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Marine industrial park could see expansion of an actual marine-based company

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Boston Sword & Tuna, which move into a new building in the Raymond Flynn Marine Park just two years ago, is seeking BPDA approve for an expansion so it can process more seafood.

The proposed expansion is not large - roughly 9,700 square feet - but it shows there's still life in what was supposed to be an industrial park for sea-based companies but which the BPDA has increasingly been trying to turn into a new office and research campus as, it says, marine users stay away, in part because nobody wants to pay for updating its increasingly decrepit docks and berthing areas.

Under plans filed with the BPDA this week, developer Pilot Seafood Properties III LLC, is seeking permission to replace part of the building's parking lot, on Codfish Way in the section of the industrial park owned by Massport.

The initial development of Sub-Parcel 6A for maritime industrial use by Boston Sword & Tuna (BS&T) has been successful, so successful that BS&T now needs to expand its facility. Theoriginal employment projection for BS&T’s 48,000 sf building, which was completed in 2020, was 130 people. This projection has been exceeded, with BS&T now employing approximately180 people working in three shifts.

The company says it expects to make up the 37 parking spaces that would be lost through a garage planned for the Massport section of the industrial park.

Parcel 6 filings and schedule.



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If they get rejected, does the letter come lowered on a hook & line into the water and simply says "Sorry, Charlie"?

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Save low/middle class jobs in the City. Blue collar businesses have been pushed out of Boston, this is a great change.

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