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Bobolink, other West Roxbury bird streets hit by car break-ins

BPD District E-5 reports:

Over the past two nights there have been multiple car breaks during the overnight hours. Five to six suspects were observed checking car doors in the area of Lagrange Street, Maplewood Street, Bobolink Street and Partridge Street. Please make sure to lock your doors and do not leave any valuables visible.



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CM is on spring break

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After all the years and reported 'breakins'; why don't folks lock their cars?!? Those cars were not broken into - they were entered...

In this day and age of technology; it is so easy to lock the doors with the remote - or an app - from inside the house.

I am reaching the point that I don't feel sorry for these folks anymore. Regardless of the neighborhood or how long you might be in a store; lock your damn car doors. And yes, in this instance I am victim shaming.

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