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Glory be: Boston finally getting the 'spasm of design expression' its skyline deserves, architects exult

CityLab talks to architects who are just so frickin' sick of brick that they are practically doubled over in joy over BU's new Jenga building on Comm. Ave. just outside Kenmore Square, Harvard's shiny new building in Allston "that evokes an M.C. Escher print" and HYM's sexily curved tower where the Government Center garage is coming down.



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Those outcroppings are BEGGING for some greenery.

Hanging evergreen foliages keep buildings cool and the streets below shaded. Many cities do it and they can make stark concrete blocks look absolutely breathtaking.

IMO the design is boring and mostly "weird for the sake of being weird" but I'm sure we all can agree that this town desperately needs an architect enema.

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Anyone know why State Street is moving? I mean didnt they just build a high rise about 10 years ago near South Station that has their name on it also?

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You are now in the "last year" when you mean to say 2016 phase of your life.

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I'm old and the last 3 years have been a blur.

To me 1990 is 10 years ago, and 1980 is 20 years ago.

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It seems like just yesterday,

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I remember when my Sequoia Tree mural was in the spot of that fancy State Street building.

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That was a good piece.

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There has been so little good architecture since Beaux-Arts and Art Deco. It would be nice if an architectural movement would emerge that focused on functional, aesthetically appealing buildings rather than trying to basically be giant weird sculptures. Also concern for how the buildings will last over the long term (including withstanding sea level rise), without being impractically expensive to convert for other uses. Look at all the 100+ year old buildings throughout the city that are still beloved and in use, at least as something; do we really think that these will last so long?

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that article. But I also like Brutalist architecture, so what do I know?

I still shake my head over the lost opportunity to do something better planned and more beautiful in Little Houston, I mean, The Seaport.

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Just remember - the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay will have no truck with people spasming in their skyline!

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