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Former prosecutor nabbed in sex-for-hire stake-out at Mass and Cass

Live Boston reports that Boston Police human-trafficking officers say they caught a prominent local attorney with his pants down - on account of the woman orally servicing him in his car - in a garage at the South Bay mall around 6:30 p.m. yesterday.

According to a police report, officers on patrol in the Mass and Cass area spotted Bruce Singal, 73, of Newton, pick a woman up at Allerton and Perison streets and then drive her to the nearby mall parking garage, where she was unable to complete the act for which she was allegedly paid $40 because police knocked on Singal's window first.

Singal is a former assistant US attorney and assistant Massachusetts attorney general. He is currently a partner in the downtown firm of Hinckley Allen. Police allege Singal tried to get out of arrest in part by bringing up his status as a prominent local lawyer.

In recent weeks, police have made a number of arrests of both customers and alleged pimps in an attempt to end the human trafficking at Mass and Cass they say goes along with the drug dealing in the area.

Innocent, etc.



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I never thought I’d say that.

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I think we should all stop pretending that Live Boston is an objective news source.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad this guy was arrested, but you can tell how much glee the Live Boston author got from shaming this person. Adding the guy's home address seems an especially unnecessary touch.

Let's not forget that we're not even ONE WEEK removed from the former head of the Boston Patrolman's Union & career cop who pleaded guilty to molesting children starting in the early 1990s. And a report claims that prosecutors wanted to charge him in the mid-90's, but the cops purposely bungled the investigation. The police union then threatened to sue to reinstate this POS and the guy went back to being a cop....and to molest many more children. Why am I bringing this up? Because based on that story, you'd think Live Boston would run multiple stories on bad cops purposely bungling the investigation, prosecutors not being able to continue the case & union leaders happy to back an accused pedophile. Oh, I forgot...they're nothing but a mouthpiece for BPD & BFD unions. Nevermind.

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Agree. It’s a site that delights in posting pictures of white officers arresting black and brown folks while very clearly ignoring any abuses committed by police on or off the job.

To Sean’s point, none of these stories were covered, somehow their photographers never made it to the scene to capture these perp walks:




Plus the entire BPD and transit police overtime fraud: https://www.universalhub.com/2021/former-police-union-president-charged-...

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You're complaining about this particular story coming from a biased news source? The perp is a powerful old white guy. He asserted all manner of privilege to try to avoid arrest, and he was taking advantage of a woman who is almost undoubtedly trafficked and/or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Or is your complaint that the writer of the story pointed out Singal's hypocrisy in the statement "I ask myself why he should not be held accountable like the people I prosecuted."

I personally feel that prostitution ought to be legal and highly-regulated. Make sure sex workers have access to health care and things like PrEP or treatment for substance abuse, offer counseling and information so they understand their rights, require sex workers and their customers to register confidentially so there's recourse for victims if violence occurs, etc. And tax the crap out of it to pay for all this.

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Thank you for the well thought out, very woke response/rebuttal ScottB.
I think news outlets do a great service to the community when they expose ‘johns’.
Curious to see how many thumbs up it generates. Probably not many.

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Agree about legalization. If she’s a consenting adult and he’s a consenting adult, who the hell cares. And if not, it’s not clear that police intervention or pushing her onto Mass & Cass is helping her.

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I get why he retweets them, but I wish Adam wouldn't.

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Yeah, his frequent uncritical sourcing from them really does, unfortunately, reflect poorly on UHub's credibility in my eyes and I'm sure others'.

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It abuts Willow Street.

If you go to the 3rd or 4th floor there are words written on the walls by Sylvia Plath.

Sylvia Plath lived on Willow Street. Willow Street on Beacon Hill, not Dot.

Marketing - When You Google Something And Don't Get The Facts Right But Go With It Anyway.

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I wonder if someone has also memorialized the words of John Wieners on the walls of the U-Haul storage off Joy Street in East Somerville.

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If they didn't make that mistake you would not have left that hilarious comment, I would not have gotten a laugh, and I wouldn't know where Sylvia Plath lived.

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I am a former US Attorney , Attorney General. and a defense attorney. Strike one, Strike two, Strike three, Your out.

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snazzy combover.

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The irony. The same law firm that this guy works (I assume now, "worked") for is the same one who ran the investigation into the sexual misconduct at the Mission Hill K-8 school in JP. Shameful. How desperate and low can one get to ruin a life and career. How desperate and low can a drug-induced young person go to get more money for drugs. Very sad situation all around.

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Partners need to do damage control to make it go away. The firm's website says they specialize in crisis representation (for those who can afford it). Who cares about the poor addicted woman.

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Legalize the oldest profession of prostitution.

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