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Floramo's Therapeutics: Where the meat falls off the bone thanks to our new bio-engineered bacterium

Floramo's Restaurant in Chelsea, MA

Boston Restaurant Talk reports plans are in the works to tear down Floramo's on Everett Avenue in Chelsea - where "the meat falls off the bone" - to make way for an 11-story life-sciences lab building.

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I hope they will move.

That place is always busy. (or was pre-pandemic)

Yes the meat falls off the bone but tbh.. the ribs are about the only good thing to get. (I've had.. and dinner-mates have had other things.. its just meh)

But lots of higher-rise buildings going in over in that area of town. I guess its good, better than junkyards, boarded up buildings, and low density industrial.

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Cybah, can you go a single day without a backhanded compliment or criticism? This place serves up good old fashioned food for cheap for working people in the area.

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OK random internet commenter.

If we're gonna go there. I'll give you the full review of the place. I was being nice above.

The ribs are about the only thing good there, the rest.. well reminds me of the Ground Round. Not kidding. They even had scrod on the menu. Its just not that great..

I've given it several attempts to redeem itself cuz its so damn close to me and gets so many 'rave reviews'. And I do love a good rack of ribs. Its just not that great.

There's a reason why the Ground Round is no more, and no one has revived the chain. That "old fashioned food for cheap" is tired, no one eats like anymore. Tastes have changed. The only people who seem to keep it alive are over 60.

And trust me I ate my weight in food at Bickfords, Friendly's, Applebee's, the 99, and yes, even the Ground Round, back in their hayday. All those "old fashioned food places for cheap" places that have completely gone out of business, or slowly going to, or have had to re-vamp their menu to changing tastes.

"Good old fashioned food for cheap for working people" You obviously haven't been to Chelsea lately. The working people of Chelsea aren't eating there. They are eating at the central american places, cuz that's where the real "working people" of Chelsea are from.

But I think "working people" is code for white people..so if that's what you mean, we ain't eating there. We're eating at Market basket, or New Bridge Cafe or Tijuana's , Ciao! Pizza, John's, Curley's, Brown Jug, or in a desperate attempt at getting edible food.. the Chili's in the parkway shopping center. And If I'm feeling lazy and I want cheap food, I, myself.. will eat at the Centro American place on the corner cuz the food's "good and cheap food for the working class of Chelsea".

The other point I'll make is that Floramo's may be busy, but its not from Chelsea people. Since Floramo's has such a reputation, its a destination place. So most of the cars parked in parking lot are not Chelsea residents. (in fact, most real chelsea residents don't drive..)

Sorry to pop people's bubble.. IMHO .. It's just not that great. And frankly, if I have a choice.. I will always go to New Bridge. *always*.

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I popped into the New Bridge the other day after a long hiatus. Maybe it was the wrong day but it appears to have dipped in the food and service departments. Tips took forever, bar staff yelling at the kitchen, soggy salad, aging ambience, etc. Not giving up on it just yet but it would appear that the good, simple steak tips have not only left the city but have also fallen out of favor in the neighboring towns as well.

Staffing is a real problem, tastes have changed and all that but just because people no longer flock to the proverbial "working man's" bar/restaurant/lounge/Keno-parlor doesn't mean that the food has to go right out the window with it, especially at a neighborhood place.

Anyways, I'll give them another go this summer.

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Where else can I go now for some of the finest in townie watching? I mean, who DIDN'T throw a tip at the woman who sits there taking Keno bets all night?

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My husband is going to be devastated! He introduced me to this place years ago and we love the steak and ribs. Sad to see it go. I’m actually shocked because they are always so busy and packed, like literally every day.

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My first and last time there.

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If they are planning to scale up the production of meat without the animal that would be exciting indeed.

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I think it's time for college students strong in math and science and biology to realize they definitely have a banquet of life science companies to work for in Boston when they graduate. For all you smart kids out there ...be aware of that gift, feed it with more learning, and reap the rewards. Make that money and elbow your way through the bullshit.

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For now. Lots can change in 4-5 years. Or for jobs where you need a masters, 6-7. Speaking from the experience of someone who got a (non-STEM) "practical" degree because everyone was talking about upcoming shortages in the field and how it was a safe field for employment... and then the recession happened and all those shortages never happened because all the old guard never retired.

I would never advise a high schooler to pick a degree based on today's job market.

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