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Gigi Coletta, Lydia Edwards's chief of staff, will replace her on the city council


City election results show Gigi Coletta won the special election today to fill the rest of Lydia Edwards's two-year term as city councilor for District 1 (Charlestown, East Boston, North End), defeating Tania Del Rio.

Edwards resigned the seat after winning election to the state Senate.

Coletta also handily beat a North End restaurant owner who learned he should stick to running a restaurant and trying to sue the city rather than running a haphazard last-minute write-in campaign.


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Tania was a very impressive candidate and she ran a great campaign. I hope we see her again

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Tania has done a lot for the city already, particularly when she was at City Hall.

I hope she stays active in the political sphere.

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I can't imagine why anyone would want to be a City Councilor other than accepting it as a necessary step to the job they really want. I suspect the very first day they are appointed they are planning a path to another job or position.

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Much-needed analysis of local politics can be found in Mike Freedberg's piece at www.eastboston.com.

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