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Smash and crash jams up Cleveland Circle

Crash in the midle of Cleveland Circle

Danielle Johns captured the scene in Cleveland Circle around 10 p.m., not long after the drivers of a pickup and an SUV crashed, reports:

I’d avoid Cleveland Circle for awhile if driving. Bad accident where it’s probably going to take some time to clear. Everyone seems okay at least.

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They just revamped that “intersection” of Beacon and Chestnut Hill Ave but I don’t think they made it safer. Going west on Beacon you don’t know which lanes turn left or not, and when you are waiting for the left turn signal, they have some odd timing for the lights which goes to a flashing yellow arrow before a green arrow (I think….?). people crossing have no clue when to wait as they have to look 4 different ways for cars.

Anyway many of the traffic light/lane improvements over the past 20 years or so have been great imo, but this intersection really puzzles me.

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Cleveland Circle is a joke.
Accidents happen all the time.
The trolley tracks are hazardous for bicycles.
People don’t know or care when to cross.

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Cleveland Circle is
a rectangle and is not
even in Cleveland

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I just assumed it's named after Grover Cleveland, and is part of Beacon Street's out-of-order series of presidential intersections. Going east from Cleveland Circle you get to Clinton Path, Washington Square, and Coolidge Corner.

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Except that Clinton Path dates back far before either Bill or Hillary Clinton were president.

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I'd say it's
the best unintentional
poem I read
today. Also,

agree with its underlying point

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Cleveland Circle is the goddamn pits. Dermatologists diagnose teenagers’ acne on a scale of 1 to Cleveland Circle, which is apparently untreatable.

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...if Cleveland Circle were still a traffic circle.

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