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One day, you could sing the body electric - with power generated by your own body

MIT News reports researchers at MIT and the Technical University of Munich have developed a tiny fuel cell that could convert glucose in a person's body into electricity - just the thing for powering various medical implants.

MIT's Jennifer Rupp came up with the idea while getting a routine blood-glucose test near the end of her pregnancy:

In the doctor’s office, I was a very bored electrochemist, thinking what you could do with sugar and electrochemistry. Then I realized, it would be good to have a glucose-powered solid state device. And Philipp [Simons] and I met over coffee and wrote out on a napkin the first drawings.

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She could certainly flip my breakers, but apart from the animal magnetism, there was no spark, so the relationship fizzled out.

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Nice idea, considering the battery issues in many devices

but I can't help but think this is one inch closer to becoming the Matrix. "Humans become energy sources"

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I'm a battery for a love machine...that you plug into my elbow, right here.

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a bestseller for sure.

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The last time I saw this idea, it was in a science fiction novel, a rather good one: Synners, by Pat Cadigan.

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