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Driver slams into pedestrian in East Boston, keeps on driving

WBZ reports a man suffered serious injuries just before midnight on Thursday when a driver hit him on Bennington Street, then kept going. The station does not say exactly where on Bennington Street, though.

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just over the line from EB, I can hear the nightly transformation of Bennington Avenue into the Bennington Motor Speedway for Masculinity Overcompensation.

It's relatively unassuming and doesn't look like much, but it can be terrifying.

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Even though our police and legal system and Registry work so hard to do absolutely nothing about keeping dangerous maniacs off the road

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says state that does barely anything to prevent this.

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About people caught with illegal firearms. Doubt they care about this too.

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There is this unfortunately persistent idea that cars own the road and if they hit you its your fault. A family friend was recently hit by a car while riding a bike in Cambridge. The driver then proceeded to get out of the car, screaming about how the biker hit his car, and chase him down, trying to pull him back off his bike.

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