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Can ghosts get Covid-19?

Jesse Kanson-Benanav reports finding an unusual request on a local Facebook group this evening, one that prompted him to thinking: "I haven't considered the impact that covid is having on psychic paranormal investigators."

Long message basically looking for a house in West Roxbury that is haunted
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Show me the money and I'll think about. Wait. I want to be a law abiding citizen. Show me your permit/license, have my lawyer check you guys out, have him advise me back, then just give me the money to let you on to my haunted property after we sign the waiver agreement drawn up by our lawyers.

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It'll be fine, as long as they get their boo-ster shot.

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He (I don't like to assume, but I'm pretty sure its a "he" anyway) does startle me once in a while, but not in a bad way. He does play some tricks, like hiding my keys, important papers, etc. But they eventually show up right where they're supposed to be. Lots of old house noises too. But otherwise its cool, why chase him out? (I just wish he'd lay off my good whiskey though).

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Sounds like Mr Carbonni Monoxidoni to me.

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Can homes test positive for COVID?

The original homes we had unfortunately tested positive for COVID ...

Sadly, COVID has led to an overall surge of people dying at home. If you believe that raises the chances for haunting, well, expect a like surge in paranormal activity.

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"Pickman's Film Crew"

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