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All the new Orange Line trains taken out of service again

The MBTA reports it pulled all the Springfield-assembled bingbingbing Orange Line trains today after one of them "experienced a problem" in one of its braking units and it pulled up lame at Wellington, where new Orange Line trains go to die.

The issue never presented a hazard for riders nor employees, but the train was removed from service for an inspection. While the MBTA works to determine the exact cause of the failure, a proactive decision has been made to keep all of the new trains out of service while the vehicle engineering and technical teams troubleshoot the problem. With safety being the top priority, the MBTA took this action out of an abundance of caution.

Fortunately, the T has yet to actually scrap all the rec-room models and so put some of those into service - with the caveat that "wait times at station platforms will be slightly longer, with trains arriving approximately every 8 ½ minutes this afternoon."

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Thank you UHub for promptly reporting this.

The Globe continues to report the breaking news about a new hotel in Somerville.

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15 minutes after Adam did.

Imagine if the Globe had UHub's depth of staff.

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There's a new hotel in Somerville? Cool!

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The longer we can put off the horrible beeping the better.

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the LED lights and beeping doors and bright yellow poles and flashing signs are a sensory nightmare. not to mention the signs in the windows that cover up half the view. i have a pavlovian response hearing "attention passengers, the next train to oak grove is now approaching. with all-new orange line cars". it's been YEARS

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Can they at least replace the filthy, disgusting fabric seats?

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Fake leather seat which were always cut up by a holes!

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...not with the very hard, uncomfortable seats that are on the new trains. Ugh.

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for a 20 minute ride over sitting in God knows what in those fabric seats.

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Well, I’m not surprised. Will the MBTA ever get these trains going? The 40 + year old trains are more reliable than these lemons.

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Give the new trains a chance.

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what with the service delay notifications we all love so much. But I feel like these cars coming on and off the line deserve their own special form of recognition. Perhaps I might suggest a haiku.

Orange line brakes broke
Many trains are in the yard
Wait times will increase

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Now I am worried about safety on the rails. They have never apologized to passengers their policy has always been to deny,deny deny.

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It glides as softly as a cloud!

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