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Throwing down, Allston style

Warning to bike polo players they're cruising for an Allston bruising

Brad Squirrels discovered some major beef at the Willie O'Ree Community Rink on Western Avenue in Allston between bike polo players and somebody who really, really doesn't like them, a fight that, so far, is playing out in scrawls on the rink's walls.



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Do their mommies and daddies know what their precious post grads are doing after college?

Nothing funnier than tough person Allston stuff. It takes a lot of tuition and help with rent to get that po' struggling "from the streets" thing just right.

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this post screams of someone who got stomped at a pratt street party and is still salty about it 25 years later.

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From the way he acts, I don't think he's been invited to many parties.

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Your response is that of someone who "played Allston" after being too stupid to get a job after BU.

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used to have quite a few tough guys. you could always spot them by their rolling stones tongue tattoos.

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Looks like Allston has taken the reins from Southie for peak gentrification status.

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Bike polo's been happening in Allston since at least 2006. There was one favored court in Allston, and the other over at Reggie Wong Memorial Park in Chinatown.

As for gentrification, I guess I'd say that million dollar condos, and "The [Housing Units] at [Generic Development Name]" is a bit more indicative. Given those criteria, nobody is catching up to the Seaport for a good, long time.

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there's to be fisticuffs at the bike polo grounds. My collar veritably pops with anticipation.

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Let's hope this doesn't lead to singing and dancing.


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