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Everett city councilor, whom the mayor at first said was only a racist when among friends, resigns

Anthony DiPierro, an Everett city councilor and relative of Mayor Carlo DeMaria, resigned today, after video emerged recently of a Zoom call in which he went full on racist in what was supposed to be a private discussion with other city officials.

My actions have clearly hurt a city that I love, and am proud to call home.

My resignation as Ward 3 Councilor will allow our community to continue its path of growth, without distraction.

I take full responsibility for my actions, and encourage others who participated in this hurtful, insensitive banter, to also do the right thing and step down from their positions in city government.

DeMaria initially gave the most blandest criticism possible of his cousin's kid - he called the comments wrong but added it's not like he said them in public.

But today, he called his relative's comments "inexcusable conduct" - at least in public and not on what participants thought was a private Zoom meeting on which they could make jokes about finding Black people to attend city events to prove Everett doesn't have a racist bone in its entire municipal body. The comments were especially inexcusable in Everett, which, the mayor said, is so incredibly diverse and welcoming,

Also resigning: DeMaria's communications director, Deanna Deveney, who was captured on the Zoom call jokingly asking DiPierro to bring one of his "dark friends" to city events.

Today, at least, DeMaria said:

These actions have caused deep pain in our community. I have spoken to and heard from residents and we all believe that significant, visible action must be taken in order for true healing to begin in Everett.



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Every year it's something racist with the Everett City Council; the bullshit is challenged, but ultimately dismissed, thus allowing it to fester with impunity. That's how it gets to the point that white councilors feel they can freely text racist memes to others without consequence. See for yourself:


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Holy moly glad to see this guy go. Sheesh.

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I recall sending you an email urging you to report on this very issue when Gerly Adrien was running for Mayor and there were crickets. I’d assumed you were just sticking to strictly Boston news. Anywho, I’m glad they are being exposed now. Everett has a super shady mob-like vibe with their politics. Sad they missed out on a great opportunity for change

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Which is wonderful but unless you have evidence then it's just rumors.

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One need not look further than the coverage of the Everett City Council not only here at UHub, but the local papers and local TV outlets like NBC10 Boston.

Racism emanating from the Everett City government, including the racism directed at Gerly Adrien, has been covered here and elsewhere. It's only "rumors" if you don't read.

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Anthony DiPierro has Sicilian friends? Who'd a thunk it.

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