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Teens punch two men in the head in armed-robbery attempt at Shawmut station

Update: One teen arrested, more arrests likely.

WFXT reports the two men were surrounded near the Shawmut station bike rack around noon and asked for money and when they refused, one teen pulled a knife and then the group punched the men in the heads. Unclear if they then got money.

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job market isnt bad right now, no need to resort to bicycle rack robbery, folks. dont be a buster ass scrub and get a pay check

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I just talked to a T-officer who told me one of the victims is tough shape. He also told me that Saturday night at South Station a group of teens attacked a T-Inspector and beat him up after he tried to kick them off a train for acting disorderly towards other passengers.

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This is going to sound facetious but seriously Boston needs more Bowling Alleys. Youth crimes were never this bad when every neighborhood had its own Bowling Alley/Pool Hall/Pinball parlor. There's something about bowling that really helps work off aggression.

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It worked for skinheads.

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I regularly see pack of kids between 12 and 16 terrorizing train cars, shooting water guns, hitting passengers with Hub bikes, playing loud music, cursing, yelling, standing on seats, harassing mentally ill riders. I have also seen transit cops be told by these kids that they won't get off the train, taunting cops, and blocking doorways to stop the trains. They've been taught that they don't have to listen to the police and that they SHOULD be confrontational with them. Guess they're right. It's not going to end well.

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How many elderly people have to be attacked?

How many violent crimes in and around public transit have to happen?

We have resources to keep people safe and are not using them.

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