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Meet the people who would replace Nika Elugardo in the House

Jamaica Plain News reports on a forum this week with four Democratic candidates seeking to replace state Rep. Nika Elugardo (15th Suffolk - JP, Mission Hill, Roslindale), who is running for the state Senate seat being vacated by Sonia Chang-Diaz.



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I watched this forum and was left thinking is this the best this city can produce?? These candidates are about as far left as one can get and simply not ready for this position.

Longoria seems to be the most articulate of the bunch without pandering to the moderator. Played the victim card a bit too much. Fierro just has zero experience and original thoughts to be a viable option. Montano just wants to blame all the woes of this city on white folks that own rental property and had a bunch of cheerleaders in the chat replying that everything she said was "amazing". Nelson is simply a non-factor here as she could barely string together any thoughts or ideas other than to say things should be looked into. Nelson has no idea how city government even works.

Good luck Boston

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Sounds like you’d have a pretty good shot. You watched the forum, wouldn’t be that much more work to hop in yourself.

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Meeting after meeting where all folks do is complain and then get paid minimum wage...no thanks.

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Deleted a thread that was about how one candidate chose to refer to themselves. If you object, this isn't the place to prove your trans-hate: J.K. Rowling is not walking though that door.


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