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Women in Oak Square under attack


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Thank you for reporting on this.

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This is so sad. Why is this behavior just considered an annoyance? Seriously, if people called ruffies poisoning would that matter? Why doesn't everyone get outraged?

It's women. That's probably the answer.

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The wix site is just a free site put up by one of the people who posted on Reddit about having been attacked. She claimed to go on a hinge date and then woke up in the woods up the hill from Oak Square near Breck. She claimed the guy roofied her and assaulted her in the woods.

The other post on Reddit linked here was another woman who left the Y and had a guy follow her up Breck a block or two and then grab her from behind. She got away and hid until he left.

There's no reason to doubt either person at the moment, but there's also no evidence available other than their statements on Reddit. No evidence it's the same guy or not between the two attacks either. D-14 hasn't made any statements about searching for an assailant either.

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It seems like survivors of sexual violence &gender-based misconduct are always forced to launch their own grassroots campaign before the police pay attention to what’s happening. So I'm not particularly surprised that D14 hasn't issued a statement or that there isn't any other "evidence" available.

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However, it's also the case that people can and will post total bullshit on Reddit (for attention? for laughs? who knows?). That's all I am posting in caution of. As I stated, there is NO reason to doubt them at this point.

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...doubting them.

"people can and will post total bullshit on Reddit"

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I literally said I'm not doubting them.

I believe these women because I have been given no reason not to and therefore can only recommend they go to the police so that anyone responsible for their attacks can be discovered and arrested for their crimes. And women in the Oak Square/Brighton area can be aware as the situation develops.

But who are we not doubting? A pair of anonymous accounts on Reddit where it's free to sign up. A wix site where it's free to create a site. We don't need to have blind faith in order to accept their word that their testimonials are real. We can understand our risks of accepting them as honest sources. Does trust buy verify mean anything at all to you?

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or whatever it was you were trying to do to cover yourself.

doesn't take away from the fact that you're still casting doubt on accounts of assault and violence. just own up to it man.

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If you follow this, there is another account that posts about another incident. Then the first account cleans to have received a picture of the suspect from another victim. That first account never says if it was the same guy that attacked her. That first account also never confirms that they went to the police.

I hope this does not turn out to be a horrible scheme to smear someone online.

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is it so hard for you people to just believe women when we say we've been subjected to violence?

always trying to find a way for it not to be true, always "oh, but I'm just asking questions".
this shit is so. fucking. tiring.

and by the way, it is also the reason we don't report every single incident to the police, sometimes why we don't even tell our family or friends.

congratulations for helping make it all worse, hope you're happy with yourself, sleuth.

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to just believe people who have been assaulted than to jump through so many hoops trying to imply that they're lying.

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