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Manholes explode near South Station

Firefighters at manhole explosion scene

Downtown workers and residents got a jolt this morning when two manholes blew up at Summer and High streets shortly before 8:40 a.m. One person was injured.

175 Federal St. was evacuated. 10 High Street, in front of which the manholes erupted, was as well. The Boston Fire Department reports the explosions blew out windows in that building. An Eversource crew arrived to examine a transformer vault in the basement of 10 High; workers had to wait until firefighters with fans were able to bring down the carbon-monoxide readings there.

Watch the second explosion.

A man watching the explosions from 99 High St. reports:

Saw a manhole cover fly 100+ feet in the air and then flames shooting out. Flames were short, about 6 feet high.

Flaming manholes heat up Boylston Street outside the Pru.



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Manhole explosions? Green Line crash? Sounds like just another normal week in Boston.

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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been on two E-Branch trolleys in which the digitized stop announcements still include “Face-coverings are required on all MBTA cars and platforms”, even though the mandate was lifted April 19. Not exactly an NTSB-level issue, but for me it’s a regular reminder of ongoing inattention to the problems throughout the system.

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these kinds of eye-blips are not really interesting to me, BUT, I first read this headline as:

MASSHOLES EXPLODE Near South Station and felt able to take that for granted for longer that I would have expected to be able to.

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The Globe article says there was a lightning strike to the ground in this area immediately before the explosions.

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________, 30, of Dover, N.H, works at 155 Federal St. and said he could feel the building rumble while he was using a restroom.

”I was in the bathroom having a nice seat, and the room shook,” he said, while standing outside with some of his coworkers. “It was very, very audible. I felt the building rumble.


I needed a good, immature chuckle today.

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A coworker had just crossed High Street to head down Federal when it went off. They ended up at the doctor's office due to possible ear damage.

They are a marathon bombing survivor too, so understandably very freaked out.

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