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Weapons merchant moving headquarters from Waltham to Virginia

Raytheon announced today it's moving its headquarters from Waltham to Arlington, VA.

The location increases agility in supporting U.S. government and commercial aerospace customers and serves to reinforce partnerships that will progress innovative technologies to advance the industry. Washington, D.C. serves as a convenient travel hub for the company’s global customers and employees.



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I thought they were in Woburn.

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And Burlington, and Lexington, and...

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The HQ re-location is about the lobbying, marketing, and proposal development components of Raytheon. They aren't going to move all the engineers and scientific activities.

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Tax revenue with their HQ move to VA which has a corp rate of 6 vs MA's 8.

Another reason why people shouldn't vote for the stupid Fair Share Amendment. We'll continue to shrink out tax base, and we dont actually need the money. It just a feel good amendment.

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yeah, they aren't going to move their defense science ops away from the area where they have a dedicated pipeline of MIT and Harvard grads to join the staff without having to move. plus there are strategic advantages to being close to Lincoln Labs.

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they have upwards of 15 locations in MA alone.

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Adam ,seriously the title of this weapons merchant you are a horrible person this site should be shut down

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