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Board approves what could be start of addition of apartments atop row of stores across from English High

3514 Washington rendering

Side, rear and front renderings of addition, by Timothy Burke.

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved plans to add two apartments atop a storefront at 3514 Washington St., at one end of the building that now houses JP Kitchen and a former Harley-Davidson store.

Omer Hecht's proposal is for the commercial condo that now houses CATLabs, which recently moved its analog film and camera business there from Roslindale. Hecht's architect, Timothy Burke, told the board that the owners of the other three storefronts in the building had expressed interest in adding residences atop their units if the board approved Hecht's plan.

The two apartments will have their own roof decks overlooking the English High field as well as use of two parking spaces behind the shop.

Although the building is zoned for industrial use, Burke noted there is a house right next door to the building. He also pointed to the proposed redevelopment of the former Doyle's, which would include condos.

Nobody spoke in opposition to the proposal.

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I can just hear the complaints now about "loud music" from the new people who just paid $750,000 for their condos.

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no parking minimums, no onerous ZBA meetings. Conversation should be, “Hey I want to build some apartments on top of my store/takeout place/office!” “Okay go for it!”

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I'm fully in favor of building on top of 1 story retail, but let's not omit a step to ensure that it's safe.

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That's irrelevant to it being "by right" - like anything, you still need a building permit & subject to inspection. It's a matter of it being something that you are allowed to do by zoning without having to jump through the hoops of groveling to Christine Araujo & the rest of the numbskulls at ZBA

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Infill everywhere! There's no excuse for 1 story buildings in a city.

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Yeah, that's a stretch that's overdue for a little love. I would like to see more stories proposed, as I'm pretty sure the Doyle's proposal is taller than three stories. It's a little farther than the taller buildings that went up on Washington closer to Forest Hills, but I still think it's in a good spot for lots of density given the good transit access.

Strong agreement about The Midway though. They are a force for good in the local music community and I hope they can hang on during this period of quicker than usual change.

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Fugly and fuglier. Where do these architects get their degrees? Some island in the Caribbean?

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They have financial constraints, and given the already high price of real estate in Boston, there's only so much more people are willing to pay for pretty buildings.

But I'll note.... the people who complain about ugly architecture can never, and I mean never, specify what it would take for a building to meet their beauty standards. So, I always assume it's a bad faith complaint.

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This should continue bringing the rent and cost of housing down in Boston.

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