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Woman charged with letting her dog starve and freeze to death this past winter

A woman was arraigned last week on a charge of animal cruelty after veterinarians at Angell Animal Medical Center in Jamaica Plain concluded her pet dog Beauty had died in February because she left it outside in the cold without feeding it, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Roxbury Municipal Court Judge Judge Kenneth Fiandaca released Natividad Pizzaro, 37, on personal recognizance, on conditions she not attempt to obtain or work with animals while her case is pending, the DA's office reports.

According to the DA's office, Pizzaro showed up at Angell on Feb. 2 with a dead pit bull that she wanted cremated. According to the DA's office:

The dog, Beauty, had severe muscle wasting, was covered with mud and feces, had ulceration between her toes, and was matted with wet coat hair. A necropsy report further found that the dog presented at little more than half her estimated normal body weight.

The report concluded that “inadequate access to food (starvation) is likely” and that the “peripheral distribution of lesions (paw pad, tail, and ear tip skin), environmental conditions (death within days of severe winter weather), and emaciated body condition resulting in inadequate thermoregulation best support the clinical suspicion of frostbite.”

Angell notified the MSPCA's law-enforcement division, which sought a criminal complaint against Pizaro on Feb. 24. She is next scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Aug. 18, the DA's office reports.

"Just as caring for children or elders comes with responsibilities, so does caring for pets," acting DA Kevin Hayden said.

Innocent, etc.

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Not all the time, or even most of the time, but when they do...

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If you see or even suspect neglect or abuse, please use 311!

ARL, MSPCA, and City of Boston Animal Care and Control take reports of potential abuse seriously. But the number of cases that end up with building a case with a body is far too high.

For an animal to die of neglect takes weeks, and there is no reason not to come forward if you have concerns.

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This person's inability to admit that they suck at pet care got a dog killed.

If there's an inkling of doubt, sit it out. That applies to human births too.

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I don't see any reason given for why the dog starved and froze to death, other than the proximate cause of its owner leaving it outside without food in the winter.

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