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Police: Carjack suspect returns to same Dorchester area in stolen car, gets spotted, crashes car, gets arrested

Carjacking crash in Dorchester

Photo by State Police.

State Police report: on an incident in Dorchester this morning:

Trooper in Dorchester just spotted vehicle involved in carjacking several days ago. Suspect driving it today was wearing ski mask and sunglasses. Suspect refused to stop, crashed into 3 other cars & tried to run, but was caught & in custody, Morrissey at Freeport.



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to advise him that the mask mandate has expired.

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post COVID, how dumb do you have to be? Just wear an N95 and you blend in

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To be driving a vehicle around that you carjacked several days ago, too.

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And you can get there in a car!

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No there isn't.

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What was I thinking?

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But unless you've managed to swap out the plates, a stolen vehicle is going to be noticed. And even if you swapped out the plates, plates that don't match the make/model/color of the vehicle are going to get you pulled over, too.

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