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Charlestown mainstay Jenny's to close at the end of the month

Joey Lacey, Jenny's third owner since it started serving pizza on Medford Street in 1970, announced today he's closing the doors forever on June 30:

It's a decision that was made with many hours of thought. Labor issues, food costs and covid fatigue are real and valid.

I've given Jenny's 37 years of my life the last 22 years as owner. The last 3 years have been the hardest and least enjoyable, the demands and the way society has changed have taken its toll on me. Jenny's was never a job for me it was easy and I loved it, but I'm done.

You've been great, it's time for something new. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your parties & celebrations, times of need and sorrow, watching sporting events, movies and shows, playing video games and baby sitting ( with the 16 slice pizza), working on your house and relaxing on the deck AS a PIZZA BOX sitting next to you. Thanks for sharing your stories and stopping in when you're back in town. I've enjoyed sharing my love of diecast cars by sharing Jenny's cars with the kids, talking Jeeps and Bunker Hill and Charlestown with anyone who would listen. Telling bad pizza jokes and giving away my mom's brownies or free slices. Seeing regulars and surprising them by just saying hey lunch is on me today thanks for your continued support. Giving slices to the 1 kid in the group that did not have any money and felt left out I too was that kid.

Photos from Jenny's.

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Nicest guy in town; never said no to donating to fundraisers or charitable events in the town. I wish the owner and staff nothing but the best. Godspeed.

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But I just couldn't get over the cat in the store when they were still on Main Street and never trekked over to Medford St.

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