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Citizens Bank Opera House. Feh.

Today's Boston Globe reports that Citizens Bank is negotiating to put its name on the Opera House:

Citizens Bank is nearing a deal to put its name on the newly renovated Opera House in downtown Boston, according to people briefed on the talks.

The negotiations are not complete, but are expected to wrap up soon. The deal, if reached, would give Citizens a new and prominent platform in the arts and entertainment community to rival the presence of major competitors, such as Bank of America Corp. and TD Banknorth Inc.
No details about either the possible price or the proposed new name for the Opera House were available yesterday.

I don't see the point of this, since the Opera House is fully restored and fully booked. It doesn't need this money. If Citizens wants to put its name on a venue and generate goodwill in the community, how about contributing to restoration of the Modern or Paramount or RKO Boston instead?


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I was checking out Universal Hub this morning, and it looks like Citizen's Bank is trying to name the newly re-done Opera House. The author's response is funny, and does mention some other things that need funding. I'm not a...

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Funny how the Globe uses the old Citizens Bank logo, as does the Citizens Bank website itself!


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So I had to resort to using flickr to share hte new Citizens Bank logo with you.

Here it is:


If I was running that bank, I'd have my new logo on my website.

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Couldn't agree with you more there, Ron. Love to see the RKO and the Paramount Theatres in Boston restored, and maybe even made into a repertory/revival moviehouse. Just my two cents. I agree that Citizens Bank probably could and should think about contributing to the restoration of one or both of those above-mentioned theatres, instead of adding its name to the opera house. Again, just my two cents.

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