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Lowly former pharmacy in Allston could be replaced by brawny apartment building

1270 Commonwealth Ave. rendering

Rendering by CBT Architects.

A pair of developers this week filed plans to tear down the former CVS at 1270 Commonwealth Ave. in Allston and replace it with a six-story, 206-unit apartment building.

In a filing with the BPDA, Benenson Capital Partners, which has long owned the parcel, and Hines, proposed a builidng with 74 at-ground parking spaces and 31 affordable apartments.

The developers hope to begin two years of construction in the fall of 2023.

1270 Commonwealth Ave. filings and calendar.


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Looks like an attractive building and in keeping with the other buildings on that block. Having some parking is good, even though this is an area that is well-served by the T. Build it!

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build it!

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it looks essentially like every other boring modern 5+1 building, but nevertheless, more housing is good.

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enough parking for that many units in this neighborhood. Gas may be $5/gallon but cars aren’t dead yet.

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have you ever been to allston? that's significantly more parking than most places in allston have, and it couldn't be closer to the T.

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Half the people living here will likely be BU students. They'd be better off taking the T that passes right outside or biking on the lovely new Comm Ave bike lanes. The city will also be better off for it.

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