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Another set of stairs at JFK/UMass shut as unsafe

The Dorchester Reporter explains why another set of stairs at the JFK/UMass Red Line and commuter-rail station is shut.



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Stairs, not safe.
Escalators, not safe.
Elevators, safe but smell like urine.

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Have they been to Downtown Crossing yet? Seems like that place is about to cave in. I am not exaggerating.
Not a peep from charlie baker?

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It is time for mandatory State House / 10 Park Plaza / 1 Ashburton Place / 100 Cambridge Street field trips on the T for all that work there so they can see the horror of inaction.

I felt like I was at Edaville based on the speed, especially through Neponset and its straight away. The trains are going 1/2 to 2/3's the speed they did in the 80's.

This is a civil rights issue for the people who have to take the train. It is grossly unfair that a system designed for 40 to 50 mph is going 25 mph while on my way in the commuter rail clipped 55 on Burgin Parkway and by Lamberts.

Time to drop a lot of dimes into the T. Western MA to Boston rail should be shelved. Nobody actually needs to go to Springfield or Albany and if you do and you insist on high speed rail to there from Boston, your greed for your three times a year trip would be done at the expense of people commuting 260 days a year.

Fix the damn T.

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Don't forget shelving south coast commuter rail to Fall River and New Bedford. Ambitious expansions are great... as long as the core existing system is in good working order.

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Work on stations and grade crossings are well underway. Land takings were done two years ago.

I went over tracks in Berkeley or Lakeville the other day (who can tell?) and track upgrades were well under way.

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I totally missed that getting approved.
Biggest waste of money ever.
Like I've always said, new stuff is sexier than maintenance. No politician ever had a ribbon cutting ceremony for a maintenance project.

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I remember when I was younger (in the early 1980s) and going to downtown Boston from my aunt's house in Mattapan to the Red Line. That Red Line flew between Ashmont and Washington (now Downtown Crossing), thanks to the 1963-vintage trains. (Compare that to Washington, DC - back in 2010, I took a trip on the Yellow/Blue Metrorail line to Old Town Alexandria, and the Metrorail easily went 50mph between Reagan Airport and King Street.)

You're correct about the commuter rail. The T seems to value the commuter rail rider more than they do the subway/bus rider - service is proportional to the ability to pay the fare (the higher the fare/monthly pass, the better the service is). I could get from Hyde Park to South Station in 20 minutes, thanks to the high speeds on that line (60-75mph, maybe even more); a bus and subway ride would be an hour minimum from Cleary Square to South Station.

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underprivileged areas of Newton to the list as well. (Oh horrors!)

GLX was an enormous mistake as well. $3 billion+ to gentrify Somerville that already had more transit access than most of the state.

Imagine if they had spent half of that amount on buses and bus lanes in Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, So Boston, and the inner suburbs.

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GLX was long overdue. Adding rapid transit to huge swaths of highly densely populated areas that didn't have access prior was a no brainer. Gentrification was already well underway prior but not so much when the extension was originally proposed.

But it does highlight how we set priorities. The fabled Indigo Line along the Fairmount commuter rail right of way should have happened first along with better access to Nubian Sq.

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Why not Dumb People and Stupid Trains and Stuff You Fuggin' Idiots?

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