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Police say teen in Mattapan tried to flee officers with a machete down his pants; it didn't work

Boston Police report that officers who responded to a loud-music call at 541 Norfolk Ave. in Mattapan Thursday night arrested a Dorchester 16-year-old they say had "a machete sheathed in a black nylon case" down one pants leg.

Police say that when officers arrived at the three-decker shortly after 9:30 p.m., they found a major party underway in the backyard - there were guys out front frisking would-be guests and giving them hand stamps as they entered the backyard. That's not the sort of thing police normally see outside areas like the Theater District and Faneuil Hall, so officers moved in to break things up:

As the officers began to make contact with the homeowner, they simultaneously began to ask the gathered crowd to disperse. As this was happening, the officer’s attention was drawn to a 16-year-old male from Dorchester who appeared to be concealing an unknown object in his pants while he left the area on foot.

Perhaps realizing the extra long blade was hindering his departure, he discarded the sheathed machete, but was still unable to outrun officers, who charged him with being delinquent for carrying a dangerous weapon, police say. Police did not say if the teen had gotten the machete past the bouncers.

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I came here for action, please start delivering.

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Or are you just glad to see me?

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Not the cops.

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And find what WHDH refers to as:

"The area between New Hardon Road and Sudbury Street"


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WHDH's studios are literally on the same block as the Government Center Garage. Their studios are on Bulfinch Place, which is more or less an alley that runs between "New Hardon Road" (New Chardon Street) and Sudbury Street. That is about the last street name they should get wrong. So weird.

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Yet again, in the interest of public safety, his name should be released.

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If you knew his name, what would you do?

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you won't even give up an email.

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