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Developer lops a few floors off plans for one of two residential buildings down the hill from Mission Church

A Back Bay developer that wants to put two residential buildings on Smith Street on Mission Hill says it will soon file plans for one building with 13 floors, rather than the 17 it had originally proposed.

However, Weston Associates is also proposing to increase the height of the second building on the former Mission Church lower campus from its originally planned 6 stories to 8, according to a "letter of intent" filed with the BPDA this week.

Overall, Weston's new proposal for 80 and 100 Smith St. would mean 218 residential units, down from the 237 it originally proposed.

The original proposal called for the taller building to consist entirely of apartments, while the shorter building would have a mix of apartments and condos, along with 171 parking spaces.

The buildings would flank a former church building now used as offices by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

This is the second residential proposal for the land. Some 16 years ago, the then BRA gave approval for a redevelopment plan, which was never built, that called for two residential buildings and the conversion of the Mission Grammar School to residential units.

80-100 Smith St. filings and calendar.

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As someone who has to be out of her apartment by July 30 but cannot find a place to live. Landlords to contact back or the place is already gone. Even apartments out in the suburbs like Weymouth are getting 5 or 6 applications. And I have an old dog, which makes apartment hunting 100 x worse in Boston. I want to stay in Boston. My little grandson, who were are raising, is in school here and we want him to stay here but even moving way out is a problem. Any money you save is eaten up by commuter rail prices. Homelessness is in my future.

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not like we’re in a housing crisis or anything

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Who the heck is going to notice the difference in height between 17 and 13 stories?! Meanwhile we get fewer housing units that we desperately need.

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