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Wu-hating anti-vaxxer wants to run for Congress against another Wu-hating anti-vaxxer - and Ayanna Pressley

Anti-vaxxer Catherine Vitale of Dorchester, who likes to follow Michelle Wu around Boston with a bullhorn set to siren, has her minions out this weekend trying to collect signatures so she can get on the November ballot as an independent in the 7th Congressional District.

At least at the Somerville Market Basket, it didn't go so well, but should Vitale make the ballot, she'd be running against incumbent Ayanna Pressley and Republican Donnie Palmer, who hates vaccines and Wu as much as her - he claims he lost his job as a BPS paraprofessional for refusing to get a Covid-19 shot and loves accusing Wu of being a Chinese Communist puppet.

But Vitale and Palmer have had major beef at least since April 13, when Vitale was arrested for trying to barge into City Hall with her bullhorn. As she and a couple of officers waited on State Street for a prisoner-transport wagon for the short trip over to A-1, Palmer showed up and fist-bumped the cops. BPD officers were among the people who supported Palmer's failed bid last fall for an at-large City Council seat. Vitale and one of her supporters told Palmer then he was no friend of theirs and to go away.



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Over Ayanna, but she ain’t it.

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of anti-vax nutjobs spot you at events! They can't stand you!

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Especially Chuckles, um, Rob.

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Fighting a six rounder against a tomato can in Braintree


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the ShivaBus?

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She's a big fan of his.

Palmer hasn't said much about him, but they were both on the same bill at that post-Charlottesvile "rally" on the Common in 2017, where they were outnumbered like 10,000-12 and then their megaphone wouldn't work (and then some of the other participants, including Doc, sued Marty and Charlie and they all lost, tsk).

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Time for a little fantasy payback for this delightful person? I have no graphic design skills but I think that there are great opportunities to help congress candidate Vitale with her campaign material. One could get a picture of her head printed on 5-gallon plastic bucket and give them away at her campaign rallies; it would make her quickly recognizable to many Bostonians. Her many fans could bang on them as a build-up to her rally appearances and then use them for sitting while listening to her long awe-inspiring speeches on complex policies. I would install a toilet seat on mine for a unique-looking camping loo.

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Wu-loving antivaxxers is an entirely different matter.

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I swear it is like a game to these people. The louder they are the more attention they get. We all got vaccines to go to school. Years ago I had a job where I needed to get re-vaccinated for small pox, my doctor didn't think it was a good idea for me, I found a different job. Big deal, get over it already. Thank you to all the humans that were kind enough to get vaccinated from a grateful immunocompromised Bostonian

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Check out the receipts (donations) for the entirely sane and not at all anti-Semitic Dianna Ploss for Governor campaign in May:


It's the anti-vaxx all-stars:

Shana Cottone
Shannon (Kay) Llewellen
Catherine Vitale

Plus throw in Hal (Camp Constitution) Shurtleff!

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