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You just never know who's going to turn on you: Two guys who attended a wedding together get into an argument at a Hyde Park bar, then one waits outside for the other to slice him up with a knife

On Feb. 26, police and bar workers say, two couples entered Master McGrath's on River Street in Hyde Park as friends. An hour later, though, one of the men lay in wait for the other outside - with a knife, which he used to slash his new enemy's arm - and which he would have used to inflict even more damage if alert bystanders hadn't stopped him, they said.

The incident landed before the Boston Licensing Board at a hearing this morning. The board decides Thursday whether the bar, one of only two stand-alone bars left in Hyde Park, could have prevented the slashing.

Bar attorney David Paratore, though, told the board the bar had no clue one of the men was building up a head of steam large enough to explode outside.

He said both men and the women they were with walked into the bar that night on the best of terms, in fact, they had just come from a wedding they'd all attended and were looking to cap off their night with some cocktails and some food. They spent about 45 minutes. He said the two men appeared to have a minor disagreement over something, nothing loud enough to alarm anybody else in the bar.

"They simply had some disagreement at the table, no pushing, screaming or the like," and certainly "no guys puffing out chests in front of each other," he said.

One of the two couples left, then, about 15 minutes later, the other, he and police said.

Unbeknownst to the bar, though, the first man to leave was waiting outside, with a knife.

Police say an ambulance took the victim to Faulkner Hospital for care.



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"The wedding slashers."

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