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Somerville and Brookline Village lose power

Several thousand customers across Somerville lost their power - and air conditioning - starting around 1 p.m., in an outage that also extended to part of East Arlington and which may not be fully fixed until after 8 p.m., Eversource reports on its outage map.

The town of Brookline reports around 430 customers in Brookline Village lost power around 12:30 p.m. and that Eversource is giving an estimated full restoration time of 5 p.m. In a statement, Town Administrator Mel Kleckner said:

We have been in contact with Eversource since the outages were first reported and they understand the need to act quickly given today’s extremely hot temperatures



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Still got power in winter hill…

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I live in Somerville on Highland Ave., not far from City Hall. Our power "flickered" at least 2-4 times between noon and 1, then went off for some time after 1. Fortunately, it came back around 2ish, but I closed all the curtains and took a nap anyway, figuring if the power crapped out again, maybe I could sleep through it. Woke up to the storm, and am now wondering how much rain we got; also, crossing fingers that power stays on.

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