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Meteorologist Bruce Schwoegler dies, 80

WBZ 11PM News - 12/19/95

WBZ reports that Bruce Schwoegler, who forecast the weather there for 33 years, has died at 80.

Schwoegler spent five straight days doing the weather during and after the Blizzard of '78, because the station's other weather people couldn't get to the station's studios on Soldiers Field Road.

Schwoegler's daughter remembers him.

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Great weatherman, my mom loved this guy.

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Bruce's forecasts were fun to watch...during the summertime, he would refer to the really hot and humid weather as "Mint Julep" weather. Between him and Barry Burbank, they ran WBZ weather forecasts like a fine tuned watch.

(There was another forecaster on Channel 56 - Ron Harris - that referred to cool, dry days in the summer as "Canada Extra Dry.")

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I recall when he did Ch. 4's morning news in early 90's when Nancy Russo was on 6 & 11- delivered one of the more honest forecasts I've ever heard for a non-descript day in dead of winter- along lines of "Sun's not up yet- it'll be cloudy and cold today anyhow"

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That 1978 WBZ news team was the best ever in Boston IMHO. Everyone of them were stars. Bruce Schwoegler's dedication to meteorology was instantly apparent. He will be missed.

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