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Baby wheel in Dorchester Bay

Humpback whale splashing a fin

Paul Nutting Jr. watched one of those humpback whales that have been cruising the coast of late having some fun in Boston Harbor this morning - like right off Castle Island:

Another view.

Mike Sheenan watched them breaching the water between the Sugar Bowl and Spectacle Island.



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At least not in the headline.

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Got the following e-mail this afternoon:

You really need spell checking and proof reading before you post. Seriously multiple articles has had many errors in simple spelling, like the article about the baby wheel, it's whale, just look before you settle for what it say and you might have a chance at writing articles that people read for news, rather than to make fun of you.

So maybe even the greatest Boston stories EVAH run their course. I guess in the last seven years, people have moved into Boston who don't know the story of Jay and the Baby Fuckin' Wheel and the Aquarium and some shit we ain't never seen before and and have no idea this was such a thing that you can still buy T-shirts about it.

Sigh, we're gettin' old, Jay.

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The comment about your wheel vs whale is riddled with errors. I found that entirely amusing.
The bottom line is, most of the articles posted here have errors. It would be good to have a proof-reader.

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Are you paying Adam hire-a-proofreader money? No? Then cram it.

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Thank you for educating our youth. If you just moved here you need to know about this wheel. It really does not get old.

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