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Morrissey Boulevard shut as rescue crews search water off Malibu Beach for man who wasn't actually there

Rescue boat in Dorchester Bay

Searching for man who wasn't there. Photo by BFD.

Coast Guard, State Police and Boston fire and police crews began searching Dorchester Bay by Malibu Beach around 4:30 a.m. for a man reported in the water, but eventually called the search off after determining the man was not, in fact, in the water. NBC Boston reports the operator of the Beades drawbridge reported seeing two people apparently jumping into the water, but only one coming out; it turned out that while one man did jump, the other thought better of it at the last second and didn't actually go into the water.



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I don't know this road I guess but why would you need to entirely close a road to search the water?

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the drawbridge was up to allow search boats to move in and out of the malibu beach area..?

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