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Hyundai to pour $400 million into artificial-intelligence foundation in Kendall Square

The Boston Dynamics AI Institute, named for the robotics company Hyundai is the majority owner of, has set up shop on Broadway.

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert will head the institute.

"The Institute will develop machines that contribute to human safety, care for the disabled and elderly, enhance industrial productivity, and help people live their lives more fully," so stop thinking about killer robots.

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Because this is how you get Terminators.

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Can the machines be tried out on the crowded Orange Line to care and help the elderly and disabled by lifting the inconsiderate, younger, physically fit phone jerks out their seat so an elderly and/or disabled individual can actually down? Bonus points once the machines are perfected to grab the ignorant jerks' phones and break it with a Vulcan Grip!! Hell yeah!!

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Are invisible.

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just having to follow the First Law of Robotics.

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