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Gun-toting music-video maker arrested at South Boston basketball court, police say

Boston Police report arresting a man they say came to Orton Field on D Street to film a music video with a gun loaded with 11 bullets.

Police say gang-unit officers conducting an investigation in the area of the field around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday saw a couple dozen people on the basketball courts, and that when the officers began walking over, Junior Martinez-Perello, 23, of South Boston, began walking away.

Officers stopped Martinez-Perello and conducted a pat-frisk of his person. Officers felt a hard metallic object consistent with a firearm. As officers attempted to remove the firearm, a violent struggle ensued in which Martinez-Perello made multiple attempts to maintain control of the firearm and refused multiple commands to release his grip on the firearm. Officers eventually placed Martinez-Perello in custody and recovered a loaded firearm.

Following the arrest, a large and unruly crowd began to form and required the response of additional units from multiple districts to secure the scene safely.

The Herald reports the cops were investigating activity by a local Latin Kings chapter. Local gangs have long used rap videos as a way to threaten rivals.

At his arraignment Wednesday, a judge ordered Martinez-Perello held without bail at least until a dangerous hearing set for Friday - on charges of illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and resisting arrest, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The DA's office adds that at that hearing, a prosecutor will ask that Martinez-Perello's bail on an open drug-trafficking case in Weymouth be revoked. Martinez-Perello was arrested in February, 2021 in Weymouth on fentanyl and cocaine distribution charges.

Innocent, etc.


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1. Stay and be questioned (and no doubt frisked for "officer safety"); or

2. Try to walk away, but have your exiting of the scene be the basis for stopping and frisking you?

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3. Leave the firearm that you don't have license for at home?

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That's really not relevant. What is your point? The 4th Amendment should be trashed because you don't need it if you have nothing to hide?

Whether or not you have a weapon, how does one avoid being searched? If the answer is - you can't, I think our case law has led us seriously astray.

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So you are asking what to do if you are a gang member who probably killed or shot at someone at one point in your life, is on probation, looking at jail time for your 55 previous arrests, and you are carrying a firearm and might get searched?

Ok then. I'd say you act cool. Don't walk away and maybe be extra friendly to the officers there. If there is a chance, try to crouch down and drop the weapon around other gang members so the cops won't know who exactly had the firearm (or you won't get convicted for it). You could also just run at first sight and try to throw the firearm once you get the chance.

You know what? You could fire at the cops and hope they take cover before shooting back at you and hope they miss if they do. Then run but don't ditch the gun because your prints might be on it.

Actually, depending on how many cops there are, and how many other guns your buddies have, you might be able to win a quick gun fight right? Not sure how many cops were there, but if 20 years in prison is not worth it to you, you could try to shoot your way out of it.

Another possibility. When the cops come up, take the gun out and yell out "DONT WORRY GUYS ITS JUST A MOVIE PROP, MY MAN ALEC BALDWIN HAD A SIMILAR SITUATION". Then (hopefully the cops don't shoot you) you pretend the gun is fake and just pass it over to them.

Also in that above situation, you could also tell the officers you have a firearm, but that you are making a video so it isn't real, then play dumb when you pass it over to them and hope the cops don't show up to court that day as witnesses.

So there are a few things you could do in that situation Rob O.

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You usually have thoughtful and informative responses based on your knowledge and experience. I know from your past comments that you are smart and you understand the issue that I've raised about pat and frisk law.

I don't know why you have bothered to respond (at length!) but won't engage with my question. I guess that is for me to ponder.

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But I'm responding to your inference about "what do gang members (criminals) have to do to not get searched?" Maybe you didn't mean it that way but that's how I took it. Who cares about this guy, I'm assuming we are more worried about the innocent kid who may be with the wrong crowd on this particular night and was asked to hold something illegal but didn't have the intent that this guy did.......EDIT: I mean, you did ask about this guy in particular. Are you asking how to get away from cops if you have an illegal firearm?

But a serious answer: The cops were there for a reason. Meaning they had information that criminal activity was going to happen, happened or was happening. This gives them some leeway to "frisk" and possibly even "seize" someone. Now they can't just make this up, they need some sort of veracity to how they got this info, but I'm assuming that is why they were there in the first place and why they approached this group. Add on the part where someone tries to flee and that just adds to the issue.


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The cops were there for a reason. Meaning they had information that criminal activity was going to happen, happened or was happening.

But honestly, this is the whitest thing I’ve read all week lol

I guess I could have said it was most naive thing i’ve read this week, but that just wouldn’t encapsulate the humor in asserting that cops are always acting under virtuous pretenses quite as cleanly

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Maybe go back to your hippodrome. Much safer for you there.

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Yes, the cops were there for a reason and according to the police report, they had reason to believe someone in the group was armed. So I see a solid basis for pat frisking that guy and others in the group who are standing there as a matter of officer safety.

But if you are walking away from the scene, so you do not pose a possible threat to the officers as they investigate the group, what is the basis for searching you? That's where you've entered this damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't scenario that doesn't seem right.

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These things aren’t cut and dry as people in a “group”. I see what you mean though. Also remember a frisk and a search are very different. No one is getting arrested or charged with drugs here, only guns.

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