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Chinatown bakery no more

Closed Eldo Cake House

Darryll sighed when he got to Eldo Cake House on Harrison Avenue in Chinatown today: "Another good one gone."



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Love this place! It’s an institution.
A friend’s parents worked here for many years.

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…last month to get a cake & all seemed well. No “we’re closing” signs, nothing. From what I can gather from the signage, it seems the building is for sale. Could this simply be the case of a lease lapsing & that they’ll reopen somewhere else? I hope so, because they’re one of the best bakeries in the city.

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egg tarts, pineapple buns and char shiu bao. If not, another sad loss for a shrinking Chinatown.

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Where am I gonna get lemon cake and char siu bao?

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…sort of. No word about Eldo itself, but I heard one of their bakers had opened his own place on Pleasant Street in Malden not too long ago. Ordered

La few of my Eldo faves (pork bun, lemon roll, custard cups…) the the other day through Grubhub and they were just like Eldo. Definitely going to check it out in person sometime soon

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So when does the entire block get demolished and replaced with yet another glass Borg Cube of LUXURY CONDOS with $2mil units immediately bought cash by offshore LLCs? Heaven knows we need more of those.

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