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What a difference some rain makes

Looking down the Charles River from near the Millennium Park kayak launch today

This was the view down the Charles River at the Millennium Park kayak launch in West Roxbury today.

Here's roughly the same view yesterday, before the afternoon deluge - when you could still walk to the very middle of the riverbed without getting your feet wet - in part via a path made by all the people walking through land plants in what would normally be the river.

Charles River yesterday

The river today is still lower than usual, but no longer looking like it's in danger of getting split into two sections at the park. And Sawmill Brook, which runs along Millennium Park and into the Charles, was back to being an actual brook rather than a series of stagnant and shrinking pools (yes, that's a great blue heron looking for some fish or frogs, but probably not a beaver):

Great blue heron in Sawmill Brook


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Hoping we get more rain in upcoming weeks.

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Possible that a hurricane/tropical storm could end the drought and that the drought has made room for that deluge.

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works in mysterious ways. #thoughts’n’prayers

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