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Anti-fascist sues city, state, police, judge over alleged mistreatment after white supremacists marched through city in 2019

A man who says police injured him in a rush to crush anti-fascist protesters at the conclusion of a white supremacist march through downtown has sued the city, state and Boston Police - and a Boston Municipal Court judge he says had him stripped of a religious covering and then refused to drop the charges against him despite a request to do so by the DA.

In his suit, filed yesterday in US District Court, Rod Webber of Holbrook is seeking $900,000 in damages from, among others, former Mayor Marty Walsh and numerous BPD captains and officers.

At issue is what happened after a group called Super Happy Fun America held a small "parade" to protest gays and other people not like them, during which they were surrounded by far larger numbers of protesters, and police decided it was time to clear Cambridge Street of counter protesters.

In his self-filed complaint, Webber alleges Boston cops went out of their way to attack and injure him, that they grabbed from behind and forced to the ground. This was then compounded in Boston Municipal Court when Judge Richard Sinnott not only initially refused to let the Suffolk County District Attorney's office drop the charges against him and other protesters facing charges that did not involve violence, but ordered him held and stripped of a religious covering.

Webber alleges that Boston cops lined up and, without warning, charged at the crowd of protesters.

He says he was grabbed from behind and forced to the ground by several officers.

At this point, Plaintiff suffered a servere injury to his right leg.

Plaintiff screamed out several times that he was in pain and he couldn't use his leg. Plaintiff called out to Vermin Supreme. Vermin can be heard on video using his megaphon saying "Rod, Rod Webber." Switching his attention to BPD, Vermin says, "Let him go - please let that main go. Not cool. Gentle. Be gentle with this man. No pain compliance is necessary." Plaintiff shouts, "my leg! My leg!" Vermin now shouting says, "He is not resisting! The main is not resisting!" Plaintiff shouts, "My leg! My fucking leg!" Vermin shouts, "You hurt his leg! Hold on!" Plaintiff shouts, "Goddamit! Fucking Goddamit! Fuck! Goddamit!" All through this interaction, Defendant Police Officers can be seen manhandling Plaintiff, indifferent to his screams of pain, and worse still, contributing to them."

Webber said Sinnott then pulled stuff in court that shouldn't be allowed.

Such a judge remaining on the bench is akin to the Massachusetts Courts collectively deciding to promote an army of Circus Clowns dressed in KKK robes to decide the fate of the Massachusetts criminal justice system. It is absurd at best - despicable at worst.

Boston Police, he charges, are no better:

We must ask ourselves for how long can The Boston Police, (whose motto is "to protect and serve"), be used to propagate violence, intimidation, racial hatred, sexual-orientation-based hatred and the restriction of our civil and constitutional rights?

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Everyone's least favorite narcissist and man who has never held a a job in his life looking to make a few bucks off the cops because he cried like a pussy when the cuffs went on.

If you see the video, he's running around screaming at the cops and when the shit broke, he was the first they grabbed. What a maroon!

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cried like a pussy


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always a jerk ass like you with the hot take?

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It’s super easy, especially in 2022, to delete and replace sexist language. Your use of that epithet shines brighter than any valid point buried in your commentary.

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Brian, pretty sure you don’t have a job either (“troll” is not a profession)

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retired. Thanks!

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I'd say that an all-mouth guy like you would probably die from childbirth, but pussies accommodate it repeatedly.

And put up with pricks.

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admonish me as sedentary when which one hides their identity on UHub and which one of us got in Marty Walsh's face? Twice?

That's right, not you!

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I wonder what sort of school his parents sent him to.

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States can consent to be sued or waive their sovereign immunity and lots of cases against states are filed in federal courts.

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I have no idea what happened to this particular guy or whether his case has merit, but anyone who has attended or personally witnessed a protest in Boston in the past 5 years (as opposed to seeing one on TV) has seen how the BPD goes out of their way to harm anyone they perceive as left wing, while simultaneously sheltering anyone on the right.

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