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Winna, winna, U-Haul dinna

WCVB provides the eye-in-the-sky coverage of a storrowing this morning on Soldiers Field Road. Judges award it a 9.5 out of 10 - perfect roof-peeling form, instant traffic backup, plenty of exposed cartons. Bonus half point awarded for attempting to sail down the road while towing an SUV. Point deducted for failing to scatter contents across the roadway.



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The bar has been set.

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If only we had set it a little higher...

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When it’s an actual Uhual and clearly someone moving themselves (not a professional) I feel bad.

Yeah, yeah, yeah they are fools for ignoring the signs. But moving is stressful and most people will only drive a big truck like that a few times in their lives. Now they have a big problem and still need to move whatever they are going.

So I say this is a disqualification from the 10 point scale even if they’d otherwise get high marks.

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And hold them entirely responsible and credit them too at the same time.
The Bridge Troll of Sorrow Drive spares no one.

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Although I’d been living in Boston for over 10 years, I once almost Storrowed. I went everywhere by bicycle and UHub wasn’t a thing yet.

I was about to go under an overpass at Mass Ave in a Uhaul when I realized my mistake. Fortunately, a cop happened to be there overseeing some construction, and I had him direct traffic so I could back up and take the off ramp. But he wasn’t on the ball enough to notice my mistake before I did.

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I rely on you for exactly this sort of coverage.

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if they had been carrying the SUV on the roof.

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That all year long we can pay cops to stand around on street corners and watch traffic go by throughout the metro area, but for some reason, we can't pay a few to stand around near the Storrow on-ramps on what we know are going to be busy amateur-hour days of truck movement.

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… gonna have any effect on drivers focused on speeding up?

This is not an area of high danger to pedestrians but would be to cops on foot.

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a good use for a news helicopter.

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I'm not sure about the perfect roof peeling form. Granted it was neat and clean enough but to me perfect form is when the peeled off roof is hanging off the back blocking the doors.

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Wish I had of seen this sooner. That's a collectible I can get behind. Sold out in two days; Damn!

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