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At last: Give your dog that rich pumpkiny taste he craves - and deserves

Pumpkin-spice dog bones

Spotted yesterday at the Dedham Stop & Shop. And look: It's human grade, so you can enjoy a hearty gnaw yourself.



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One for you, one for me, one for you...

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What is the legal definition the food industry and its lawyers write for "human grade"?

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What is up with this obsession about pumpkin spice; Have the mysterious "They" added some kind of addictive ingredient to this flavoring? Why would anyone think that dogs would like this flavor?

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my sister's dog will eat carrots all day long. maybe it's the pumpkins that make dogs like Halloween, rather than the costumes, candy, and getting to run around with kids in the dark.

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But dogs love canned pumpkin.. and its good for them.

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At the risk of spreading unfounded internet research, I remember reading somewhere that all pet food is required to be human-grade. I don't even remember the reason, I think it had to do with the idea that people might get confused when opening canned goods. Maybe someone with more knowledge could enlighten or disprove.

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To make pet owners think they're getting something better or of higher quality. I prefer to feed my cat cat-grade cat food. She's not a human.

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