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Dorchester woman charged in Ashmont T-stop restroom rage

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester woman after allegedly she tried to end an argument about how long two people were taking in the restroom at the Ashmont Red Line station by decking them.

Police say that shortly before 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, the two were taking longer in the restroom than Tasheaka Buchanan, 27, preferred, so she began banging on the door demanding they get out, already.

A few moments later the couple emerged from the bathroom and an argument ensued about Buchanan's agressive behavior and lack of patience. Buchanan responded by striking both victims with a closed fist in their heads.

A T ambassador managed to separate the parties before Transit Police officers arrived and arrested her on assault-and-battery charges. Police say she already had warrants out for her arrest on assault and battery, four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, receiving stolen property, larceny, malicious destruction of property and violating an abuse prevention order from four different courts in Boston.

Innocent, etc

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People are fighting to get in!

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You win the Rimshot Of The Day Award my dude.

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It's normal and natural to be angry and annoyed when people take longer than they should in a public restroom/washroom that's meant for everybody, but the fact that the woman in question physically assaulted both of the women who were taking longer than they should've, especially by punching them both in the heads, and possibly inflicting serious physical injury on them both was way over the top.

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A T-employee told me that the T-police have lost over 1/2 of their patrol force. They can't get any veterans to take the job so they were just awarded a huge contract if they agreed to get rid of civil service so they can hire non vets. He also told me they just fired two females at their police academy for fudging the numbers of sit ups they could perform.

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Numbers of sit ups are absolutely critical for the job.

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The skills needed to be a good cop have more in common with social workers then soldiers. Veterans shouldn’t be the extent of the hiring pool.

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T Ambassadors should NOT be breaking up fights. This is ALL wrong and risking your life. You are not qualified and not prepared. Shame on MBTA stuffed shirts living large and showing up at the office twice a week for not having MBTA police presence on a regular, physically visible basis. Yeah, you know who u are. Signed, anon

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